Monday, June 18, 2012


"Zacusca", a Romanian dish I've discovered during my trip there.

Most of the traditional dishes in Rommania are composed with meat. The non-easy life of a vegetarian.

Fortunately, the Zacusca is only composed with vegetables, and it's a perfect snack when, in the middle of the afternoon, you want to eat something healthy and avoid the delicious chocolate which is waiting for you in the cupboard. Perfect with rice cakes.

I bought the jar once and I fill it when it's empty. That's really easy to make Zacusca, try it !

Le Zacusca est une recette roumaine que j'ai découverte lors de mon séjour là-bas.

Habituellement, les Roumains sont de grands consommateurs de viande, et la majorité de leurs plats traditionnels sont d'ailleurs composés de viande. Les déboires d'une végétarienne.

Heureusement, le Zacusca est un plat de légumes exclusivement. C'est l'encas idéal et sain lorsque, en plein milieu de l'après-midi, votre ventre vous réclame à manger mais vous ne vous sentez pas d'humeur à vous laisser séduire par la tablette de chocolat qui vous fait de l'oeil au fond du placard. Parfait à tartiner froid sur des galettes de riz.

Lancez-vous !

La recette en français ici ! ;)

Recipe :

• 500 gr of tomatoes (about 4 tomatoes)

• 2 eggplants

• 4 red bell peppers

• 1 onion (but I put 2)

• 1 bay leaf

• oil (usually sunflower but I use olive oil), salt, pepper and whichever spices you want.

- Put the eggplants and the bell peppers on a baking paper, and bake in the oven (don't cut them, and make some hole in the eggplants with a fork, otherwise it can explode). You will notice it's ready when the vegetables loose their water and the skin is kind of flabby.

- Peel them. Mash the eggplants and cut the peppers in slim slices. Cut the onion, and fry it in a saucepan with the oil. Add the cut tomatoes, the bay leaf, the eggplant and the peppers. Put salt, pepper, mix the preparation on a very low fire. Mix until it's ready, otherwise it can stick on the saucepan. You will obtain a kind of vegetables puree.

- When it's ready, you can put the zacusca in a hermetic jar and let it in a fresh room. If you don't have hermetic jar, put it in the fridge and consume it quickly.

- It's also possible, and delicious, to add carotts, mushrooms, different aromatics plants and spices according to your taste.

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